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Raising standards for promoting Scientific Identification

Message From the 2021 President

Greetings SCAFO Members!

Hello Membership! Here we are already looking at the backside of 2021! Our 2022 Executive Board is ready to serve you and prepared to take their place for January.
If you haven’t already gone onto the new website, it’s a MUST! There’s so much to see. From the history of SCAFO to the people who made it what it is today, there are so many things to learn! Preserving the history of this great association and the forensic sciences that envelope our discipline is so important. Please stop in on the website and look around. Also, we are looking for any SCAFO pictures for the “Gallery” section you may have, recent or from the past, that you would be willing to share.
Enjoy this edition of The Print! Our editor Tony Nguyen is a master at what he does and SCAFO has been extremely privileged to benefit from his service.
Angie Schouten
SCAFO 2021 President

Although we haven't been able to meet in person in some time

I am proud to be part of an organization that has continued to deliver excellence to its members through the digital world! My hope for all of us this year is that we can each benefit from seeing each other online and hearing/sharing information about the science we all love so much. We are fortunate Zoom provides that platform to us and makes it available to reach those who may have not been able to participate otherwise.

This year, We would like to hear directly from you

After all, SCAFO is your organization! It is our mission as the board to provide the most relevant, rich, and reputable forensics training for our membership. If anyone has any suggested topics or ideas for potential speakers at upcoming meetings or training, we are certainly open to hearing them. You may contact me directly via email or your board secretary, Denell Payne.

Thank you for the opportunity to serve you this year. I look forward to seeing everyone at our bimonthly Zoom meetings and SCAFO training!

Very Respectfully,
Angie Schouten, SCAFO 2021 President