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Message From the 2022 President

My name is Cynthia Williamson. I am a Forensic Specialist for the City of Long Beach. I have been with the city for 24 years, and worked as a Fingerprint Examiner prior to transferring to the lab. Forensic Science is my passion and I enjoy every minute of it (well, almost every minute).

In December, I was sworn in as your Vice President for 2022. Due to a recent vacancy in the Executive Board, a motion was made to move me to the role of President. The motion was accepted and I look forward to the coming year as your 2022 President.

2021 was a difficult year again, due to the pandemic. We had to overcome and adapt to many challenges to keep our organization running smoothly. I know the 2022 Executive Board plans on working just as hard to make this year even better. We will continue with our meetings on Zoom and work to bring you educational speakers and training. Please feel free to contact me, or anyone on the Executive Board if you have ideas for training, speakers, or ways to make this a great year.

This year the Executive Board has a challenge for all of you. We would like to have a membership drive. At the December meeting, the member that has the most new sworn-in members will receive a prize. So get out there and recruit new members!


Future bi-monthly training meeting dates

Please mark your calendar with the upcoming meeting dates and check the website for updates and important information.

February 5th
April 2nd
June 4th
August 13th
October 3rd Conference "Back to the Basics"
December 3rd

I would also like to ask you, to think about taking on a board position

I would like to thank the Executive Board for giving their time and passion to SCAFO. This is what makes it such a wonderful organization. I would also like to ask you, the backbone of the organization, to think about taking on a board position. We need Directors! This is an entry position on the board where you can work closely with the board to learn what makes SCAFO operate. Additional open positions are Sergeant at Arms and Editor for "The Print".

In closing, please remember that you are the future of SCAFO. Let's work together to make 2022 a great year and make the future of SCAFO stronger.

Very Respectfully,
Cynthia Williamson, SCAFO 2022 President