Charles W. Wolford was the third President of The Southern California Association of Fingerprint Officers 1939, and one of the original forty charter members of our Association and held membership number 31.  Charles Wolford retired from the Santa Ana Police Department with the rank of Captain of Detectives

A member of the Association may be recognized with an award from the Association for outstanding efforts in promoting our science and/or Association. The award shall be in the form of a plaque and certificate purchased with Association funds by the Secretary or delegate. In addition, the recipient shall be granted a “Life Member” status within the organization and given all privileges as an Active Member. Suggestions for candidates shall be made in writing, complete with a description of the outstanding effort(s) and submitted to an Executive Board member prior to the conclusion of the August meeting. The Executive Board shall evaluate the suggestions and determine if, and to whom, the award shall be presented. The presentation of the award shall be at the December meeting prior to the installation of the new officers. The award, established in 1986, shall be known as: The Charles W. Wolford Award.

Past Recipients of The Charles W. Wolford Award

1986: Richard Bradley, Santa Ana Police Dept. (Past-President 1946)

1988: Eugene Bragdon, San Bernardino Police Dept.

1990: Donald Fandry, Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Dept. (Past-President 1989)

1993: Alan L. McRoberts, Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Dept. (Past-President 1991)

1995: Thomas W. Jones, Kern County Sheriff’s Office.

1996: James E. Lawson, Naval Investigative Service. (Past-President 1995)

1997: Bill Leo, Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Dept. (Past-President 1996)

2002: Howard A. Speaks, Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Dept.

2018: Amy Hines-Rodriguez, Riverside County D/A’s Office. (Past-President 2009)

2019: Sheri Orellana, Pomona Police Dept. (Past-President 2016)

2021: Tony Nguyen, Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Dept. (Past-President 2015)