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Training and Career Opportunities for Forensic Fingerprint Examiners &
Crime Scene Investigators

Job Opportunities

Latent Print Specialist (Grant Funded)

  • City of Escondido, CA
  • Full-Time  - $58,236.00 - $70,788.00 Annually 
  • Category: Law Enforcement / Forensics
  • Department: Police

Department of Justice – Riverside County
Crime Analyst I

Henderson, NV Police Department (Open until Filled)

Forensic Scientist (Impression Evidence/Latent Print) (Posted 5/17)


University of Southern Mississippi (Open until Filled)

Adjunct Faculty in Forensic Science (Posted 5/18)

Director and Professor/Assoc. Prof., School of Criminal Justice (Posted 5/20)


Eagle Harbor, LLC (Open until Filled)

NIBIN Forensic Technician (Posted 5/20)


Washington State Patrol (Open until Filled)

Forensic Scientist 1, 2 or 3 - Materials Analysis (Posted 5/21)


Hillsborough County, FL Sheriff's Office (Open until Filled)

Fingerprint Specialist (Posted 5/21)


Williamson County, TX Sheriff's Office (Open until Filled)

Crime Scene Supervisor (Posted 6/7)


Kansas City, MO Police Crime Laboratory (Closes 7/18)

Forensic Specialist III - Latent Print Examiner (Posted 6/18)

Forensic Specialist IV (Posted 6/18)


Kansas City, MO Police Crime Laboratory (Open until Filled)

Forensic Specialist III Digital Evidence Criminalist (Posted 6/21)


Dekalb County, GA Department (Open until Filled)

Crime Scene Specialist (Posted 6/22)


Douglas County, NE Sheriff's Office (Closes 7/17)

Crime Scene Investigator I (Posted 6/29)


CSI Academy, Alachua, FL (Open until Filled)

Instructor (Posted 6/30) Email


Glendale, AZ Police Department (Closes 7/18)


Charles County, MD Sheriff's Office (Closes 7/16)

Johnson County, KS Sheriff's Office (Closes 7/16)


Irvine, CA Police Department (Closes 7/23)


Fayetteville, NC State University (Open until Filled)


Methodist University, Fayetteville, NC (Open until Filled)


Houston Forensic Science Center (Open until Filled)


Jacksonville, FL Sheriff's Office (Closes 7/20)


Idaho State Police (Closes 7/20)


Idaho State Police (Closes 7/28)


PAE (Open until Filled)


Westchester County, NY Medical Examiner (Closes 8/8)


Corpus Christi, TX Police Department (Open until Filled)


Wyoming, MI Police Department (Closes 7/27)

Forensic Sciences Technician I(Posted 7/15)


Seminole County, FL Sheriff's Office (Closes 7/27)


Fayetteville Technical Community College, NC (Closes 7/26)


Oregon State Police (Closes 7/28)


Oregon State Police (Closes 8/1)