South Fulton, GA Police Department (Open until Filled)

Crime Scene Technician (Posted 12/8)


Ideal Innovations (Open until Filled)

Junior Biometric Examiner (Facial/Latent Print Comparison) (Posted 12/9)

Evidence Custodian (Posted 12/9)

Latent Print Technician/Biologist (Posted 12/9)


Ideal Innovations (Open until Filled)

Senior Face Examination Trainer (Posted 12/13)


Duquesne University, Pittsburgh, PA (Open until Filled)

Assistant Director/Assistant Teaching Professor - Forensic Science and Law (Posted 12/14)


West Virginia University (Closes 2/28)

Teaching Assistant Professor, Department of Forensic and Investigative Science (Posted 12/22)


PAE (Open until Filled)

Latent Print Examiner I (Posted 1/3)
Latent Print Examiner II (Posted 1/3)
Latent Print Examiner III (Posted 1/3)


Collaborative Testing Services (Open until Filled)

Forensic Program Coordinator (Posted 1/7)


Weber State University, Utah (Open until Filled)

Instructor of Criminal Justice - CSI (2 positions) (Posted 1/19)


SNA International (Closes 2/28)

Senior Latent Print Examiner (Posted 1/19)


Virginia Beach, VA Police Department (Closes 2/3)

Forensic Specialist I (Posted 1/21)


San Diego, CA Sheriff's Office (Closes 2/4)

Forensic Evidence Technician (Posted 1/24)


Orange County, FL Sheriff's Office (Closes 2/3)

Forensic Evidence Technician (Posted 1/24)


Cumberland County, PA - District Attorney's Office (Closes 2/4)

Forensic Evidence Technician (Posted 1/25)


Kansas City, MO Police Department (Closes 3/1)

Forensic Specialist III, Latent Print Examiner (Posted 1/26)


Santa Clara County, CA Sheriff’s Office (Closes 2/18)

Fingerprint Identification Director (Posted 1/31)


Denton, TX Police Department (Closes 2/14)

Civilian Property Technician (Posted 1/31)


Minneapolis, MN Police Department (Closes 2/21)

Forensic Scientist I (Posted 1/31)


Honolulu, HI Police Department (Open until Filled)

Contract Criminalist Position (Posted 1/31)


ATF, Washington, DC (Open until Filled)

Identification Supervisor (Posted 2/2)
Fingerprint Specialist (Posted 2/2)